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Above the Clouds


Welcome. Are you ready to grow your business or life, make your dream a reality, share a story that changes lives, live a healthier, happier life? For over 20 years, in 10+ industries around the world, I've helped 100s... Are you ready?

Our 3 Core Service Plans >

Personal Growth

Helping individuals grow through a proven process with 1:1 support + proprietary tools

Business Growth

Helping businesses create, launch, and grow through proven systems + services

Website Creation

Experience-informed online solutions to evolve with you as you grow


Hello and thank you for visiting. I'm Luke, and I'd love to learn why you're here. Please, message me. A little about me-

Across 20 years as a global mindful entrepreneur and consultant on 100s of projects, I've learned to see what is, what was, and what can be, and lead you through a proven process that through action, delivers results, every time.

Whether you're a billion-dollar company looking to launch a new product or market, or an individual looking to take your life or business to the next level, the process is the same. 

If you're aligned, mindful, and ready for growth... 

Together, we will Define, Design, and Deliver.

Featured Projects

A global mindfulness platform. People are now the driving force of change on the planet. It's time to do so mindfully.


With a proprietary Daily Practice Assessment tool combined with multi-disciplined professional guidance, Livingheart helps people track and improve their Daily Practices.


A model that redefines real estate development and community living with transformative lifestyle + regenerative development, at its core.


A game-changing electric motor technology company, changing the way the world moves, together.


Partners + Sponsors

A handful of partners and sponsors over the years - with trust + aligned mutually symbiotic arrangements, everyone innately wants to collaborate.


I work with select purpose-driven, open-minded individuals and businesses who are ready for growth. Are you ready?

Get in Touch

The Process

However you're looking for growth, chances are I've worked on something similar. Read what clients are saying


My 3-step proprietary process is that of an engineer >

We bring Awareness to the growth-vision and the variables available to create it.


We Anticipate and create a unique-to-you strategy that outlines our growth-path.


We Grow through a proven, actionable process that takes visions into reality.


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