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I'm a passionate mindful-preneur, utilizing vision, strategy, action, and enthusiasm to help select human-centered missions, grow. With over 20 years experience across 10 industries and hundreds of clients, numerous companies of my own, thousands of international contacts, and access to dozens of business services, I'm here to align with like-mindful people and projects to help people and the Planet with healthier practices, products, communities, and systems.

My gifts include: Seeing potential in people and ideas, organizing vision into an actionable process, ability to access the variables needed, and a formulaic + positive mindset that with action, achieves results.

We’re living in a new era, the Anthropocene, which means humans are now the driving force changing the Planet. It’s time we take responsibility for these effects and create a healthier world.
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  • 1982-1998 I was born and grew up on the farm I was conceived on.

  • 1998-2004 Following my heart, I learned that dreams come true & that I loved creating them.

  • 2005-2009 I realized I possess gifts of imagination, strategy, & connection, to help others create their dreams.

  • 2010-2014 I discovered my mission of helping people and Planet.

  • 2015-2019 I woke to the reality of the responsibility that we are the drivers of change on our Planet.

  • 2020-2021 The pandemic gave me the chance to pause, go inward, & begin healing the world from within.

  • 2022 With divine clarity, partnerships, perspective, & practices in place, I can now begin being my why.


With 20+ years entrepreneurial experiences around the world across, 10+ industries, with hundreds of clients, I've learned how to turn personal & professional dreams into reality. It's a process.

20+ years as an entrepreneur
Creating that which previously didn't exist, navigating the unknowns, CEO of multiple million-dollar startups, hiring and managing dozens of employees, launching new product lines and growing existing ones, helping dozens of multi-million dollar businesses grow.

10+ industries
A diversified catalogue of expertise spanning entertainment, hospitality, service, e-commerce, food, real estate, philanthropy, wellness, digital currency, & energy

100's of businesses and individual clients
Over the years I've developed, from real-life experience, a proven formula for shared success

30+ international week-long retreats
Immersing in teachings from world renowned leaders has gifted me unique experiences and perspective on the union and reality of evolution, enlightenment, and possibility

10,000+ study hours
certified yoga teacher trainings, 500+ lecture hours, 3000+ yoga practice hours, 5000+ hours fitness classes, 20+ years consulting across 40+ states & 12+ countries

Training & Courses
Ayurveda, Branding, Chakras, Design, Marketing, Management, Neuroscience, Pranayama, Quantum Physics, Reiki, Sales, Yoga Philosophy & more

Alan Finger, Anna Forrest, BBDO Worldwide, Brene Brown, Dharma Mittra, Dr. Mark Hyman, Leo Burnett, Mark Groves, Dr. Michael Cotton, Maureen Riley, Seane Corn, Tony Robbins, Dr. Zach Bush, Zig Ziglar & many more

It's just the beginning...

We all share life's purpose of evolution.
It's happening through our daily choices.

It's time to do so consciously. The future depends on us. 

WE are the change. 

This is my dream.

Would you like help turning your dream into reality?



1982-2004 |  I GREW UP.  
I was born on a farm in the bed I was conceived in, on April 13, 1982. My parents still live a life in union with Mother Earth because they believe it's what is right. They taught me from a young age to follow your heart, and that a dream is a gift you give yourself. So after 18 years of growing up and experiencing a love-full-healthy-life, grounded in the heart of central Wisconsin, I found myself pursuing a dream of performing in and managing an a cappella group turned band, that shared happiness & joy with others through music.

The group lasted 6 years, from when I was 16 to 23 years old. The last 3 of those years we were signed with national agencies, management, and production companies, touring nationally, performing on average 150 shows per year in over 35 states. We recorded with Bill Champlin from the infamous band, CHICAGO, wrote with songwriters who wrote melodies for the infamous Jackson 5 to NSYNC & Backstreet Boys, performed in front of tens of thousands, and almost broke into international success with major labels. I was immersed in the entertainment industries of music, modeling, fashion, & nightlife, working with some of the worlds greatest artists, venues, brands & companies. I spent most of my time on the road; if not working or recording in Manhattan, Las Vegas, or Orlando with our producer. I loved the feeling of producing a note from within me that when combined with 3 other notes creates harmony, which resonates outward into the world and literally emotionally affects people from its vibration. It was an honor and a pleasure. Once it suddenly ended due to legal conflicts with our record company, I learned a very important lesson in my months of internal, deep depression & reflection-- that I could make a dream come true... and that I loved doing it. My dad inspired me to dive back into the big world with these lessons, & find the courage to keep at it. 


I moved to Chicago in the fall of 2005, started a creative consultancy, CREOVISIO, to help others create their dreams. After years of working with hundreds of clients predominantly in the entertainment & hospitality industries to help launch careers & venues, sell out crowds at the House of Blues, and launch to become internationally renowned restaurants and hotels, I decided it was time for me to start working on my own dreams again. This brings us to 2008 as online & e-commerce businesses were starting to take off. I sourced investment capital in multiple businesses to showcase online agencies, marketing opportunities, & use my network, business development, & marketing skills to connect individuals & businesses for mutual benefit, which led to YouSwoop. This daily deal website launched off the coattails of Groupon in the winter of 2011, & within 3 months we were generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue per month and receiving multi-million dollar offers. At year's end, with 300,000 email subscribers, 50 employees, a national corporate partnership with Leo Burnett, and a trailing 12-month revenue of 5 million+, I learned how quickly businesses (that is, dreams) can take off with intentional use of the internet. And, I also started to feel, deep within, a thirst to align this new awareness with a deeper calling. I resigned as CEO of YouSwoop to follow that calling...


In 2014 I returned to my roots and began helping people and the planet through philanthropy and wellness services with an online donation-rewards platform, Selfless. We raised tens of thousands of dollars for charity and partnered with Chicago’s top businesses like Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, Boka Group, EQUINOX, and dozens of global charities. Yet, we ran into major issues with the website, development team, and investors. This all culminated to illuminate how my feeling to help more was intended to happen through a different dream. In January 2015, on a whim feeling of wanting to bring like-minded, mindful people to-gather, I started VIBEUP; a lifestyle company aimed to increase consciousness by connecting people and ideas that spark positive change through education, practice, and community. It was not intended to be a business, but it immediately showed me it was much bigger than me and gained legs of its own, as it was needed, people wanted it...In order to lead it at the level I needed to, I had to prepare more. 


After some divine intervention and events worth sharing in a different medium at another time, I ended up living on the beaches of Mexico on a eco-regenerative mindfulness resort. I worked with neuroscientists, quantum physicists, biologists, renown teachers, philanthropists and more, learning how to replicate the conscious-union of Self in others with spirit, God, Mother Earth, nature -- whatever you call it -- I call it Source. Learning the dual and non-dual oneness; the evolutionary and enlightenment unfolding that is our bodies and spirits as one. This led me down a path of Self-discovery + experimentation from 2016 through 2020. I literally witnessed my consciousness decrease while practicing lower forms vibrational choices in the four quadrants; internal, external, relationships, environment... All while knowing this was happening so I could learn what practices, tools, and support we as humans can possess to support living in a consistent, stable state of increased resonant frequency. With this new found awareness of our energy and spirit bodies relationship with gravity itself ascending... I started to feel my innate responsibility for putting this awareness and potential to use. Meanwhile, our VIBEUP festivals continued reaching thousands of mindful, active enthusiasts, with global sponsors, teachers, and leaders such as; Mark Groves, Kathryn Budig, Chelsey Korus, Elena Brower, Koya Webb, DJ Drez, Dr. Michael Cotton, and Celebrity Chef Rick Bayless. The brand also spawned into community management services for numerous multi-family, high-rise real-estate development properties, where VIBEUP was able to bring wellness, events, & marketing into the core of where tens of thousands of people were living. I now had a brand, network, & foundation to launch this mission.


In order to truly be what I am, I knew I needed to learn how to adhere to practices that aligned with the destiny I've chosen. In other words, learn how to find harmony as an energy-being in the midst of this chaotic universe, and the strength in awareness and discipline to maintain it. For once I decide to be the leader I am offered to be for myself and others, there will be no going back, and my character will be molded by my consistency to this responsibility of leading upward movement in gravity’s organic ascension. At least for years to come. So I spent these years in solitude, experimenting and experiencing how different choices affected my being-ness; my mood, skills, clarity, health, etc. I put myself through a 200 hour yoga teacher training rooted in its philosophies, and went on over 20 global retreats to deepen my knowledge and practice. I knew I had all the pieces, and also that I wasn't quite ready. Something was missing yet within me. Then Covid-19 hit.


The silver lining for me is that Covid-19's isolation gave me the chance to pivot my businesses online, and leave the lower vibrational frequencies of Chicago's bustling city and get back to my roots in Wisconsin, to ground with nature and family, acquire land from where I came, and prepare. I had the chance to choose to slow myself down and put myself in deep reflection, patience, and compassionate work within my-Self. After 9 months of this in 2020, it was time to take it even further... I left the States at the end of 2020 and embarked on a 12 month journey of self discovery across 13 states in Mexico, ultimately landing me back rooted in Wisconsin, USA, except with a new perspective on it all. Healing became my purpose, to be the change, from within. By healing self, we help heal all. It truly starts within.

I now became ready to build a foundation of team members and partners who share a vision to increase consciousness in the human species. To help people and the planet. I've become confident that this is not only my mission, but my responsibility to now share this story with the world. To help us heal ourselves and the Planet by taking responsibility for the choices we make and their effects.

It's just the beginning to the rest of my life... to why I'm here and giving that to myself and the world. 


CREOVISIO is my Independent Strategic Growth Agency, helping hundreds of individuals and companies across multiple industries create their dreams.
What's your dream?


We are living at a very interesting time...

It is the new geological age of the Anthropocene:
Humans are the driving force of change on our planet.

The time has come to live this consciously.

Once you know this, it is your RESPONSIBILITY 
to ensure your influence is a healthy one.

It is my mission to bring awareness to this fact.

Our future is literally being created by our collective daily choices.


Together, let's make healthier ones.


I invite you please join me in our conscious responsibility to help us heal the Planet.

It happens from the inside out >>

Be open-minded to possibility.

Humans are the driving force of change on the Planet.

We are evolution waking up to itself.

Be disciplined to daily practice.

Commit to ascend through the power of community.

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