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Above the Clouds


It's just the beginning. We all share life's purpose of evolution. It's happening through our daily choices whether we know it or not. It's time to do so consciously. WE are the change.

My Short Story

I was born on a small hobby farm in the woods outside of a small town, in Central Wisconsin, USA, having to cut down trees with my dad for my mom to start fires to cook. I was blessed, with connection with nature and love and support to follow my heart and dreams.

This led my to international success at 21yo living in Manhattan, and frequently visiting Florida, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Mexico. I learned at a young age that dreams come true, and how to create them. Since then, with the advancement of tech, it can literally happen overnight.

After 20 years entrepreneuring around the world in over 10 industries, the pandemic gave me the chance to focus on deep self-discovery. I realized my true purpose grounded in the innate responsibility to create the vision I've been blessed with - to help people and Planet through unique gifts in creation, connection, and inspiration.​ 

Read my long story >

  • 1982-1998: I grew up on the farm I was conceived on

  • 1998-2004: Heart-led, managing a band I was in, I learned dreams come true and I had a gift creating them

  • 2005-2009: I realized I possess gifts to create, connect, and inspire others to create their dreams and grow

  • 2009-2014: I founded multiple e-commerce start-ups and discovered my purpose of helping people and Planet

  • 2015-2019: I woke to the reality of the responsibility that we are the drivers of change on our Planet, and aligned with purpose-driven projects

  • 2020-2023: The pandemic gave me the chance to sell a company and press pause - to begin a life-long healing journey from the world and within

  • 2024 to today: Now with divine clarity and co-creation with the Universal Force, the global partnerships, perspective, and practices are in place, it's time to be the reason why I'm here. It's truly just the beginning...

We now know that we are the drivers of change on the Planet, and have the means to mindfully co-create a healthier world for ourselves, communities, and our future.

I invite you to collaborate on our responsibility to co-create an interconnected way of life for future generations. It happens from the inside out. If you're not already being the change, contact me.

This is why I only work with select, purpose-driven individuals and businesses - to help others who are open to learning and applying growth, and aligned on shared values >

My Vision







My Experience

With 20+ years entrepreneurial experiences around the world, across 10+ industries with 100s of business and personal growth clients, I've learned how to turn visions into reality. It's a process. Please visit the Services or Projects page to learn more about my experience.

  • 20+ years as an entrepreneur
    Creating that which previously didn't exist, navigating the unknowns, CEO of multiple million-dollar startups, consultant to dozens of 7-11 digit companies, hiring and managing 100s of employees, launching new product lines and growing existing ones, and helping 100s of businesses grow

  • 10+ industries
    A diversified catalogue of expertise spanning entertainment, hospitality, service, e-commerce, food, real estate, philanthropy, wellness, digital currency, & energy

  • 100's of businesses and individual clients
    Over the years I've developed, from real-life and business experience, a proven formula for shared success.... that when followed, guarantees results. We're each here to grow... it's simply a process

  • 30+ international week-long workshops & trainings
    Immersing in teachings from world renowned leaders has gifted me unique experiences and perspective on the reality of business, evolution, energy, physics, math, and possibility. Gaining multiple certifications and courses in business, marketing, leadership, personal growth, yoga, meditation, breakwork, fitness training, ayurveda, nutrition, and other alternative practices

  • 10,000+ study hours
    Certified yoga teacher trainings, <500 lecture hours, <3000 yoga practice hours, <5000 hours fitness classes, 20+ years consulting across 40+ states & 12+ countries

  • Training & Courses
    Ayurveda, Branding, Chakras, Design, Marketing, Management, Neuroscience, Pranayama, Quantum Physics, Reiki, Sales, Yoga Philosophy & more

    Alan Finger, Anna Forrest, BBDO Worldwide, Brene Brown, Dharma Mittra, Leo Burnett, lululemon, Mark Groves, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Michael Cotton, Maureen Riley, Seane Corn, Tony Robbins, Dr. Robbins Hopkins, Dr. Zach Bush, Zig Ziglar & more

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