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Review common questions, read our Guarantee, and contact me to achieve the clarity and confidence you need to feel great about moving forward together.

  • Business Growth is for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and businesses who have experience in their field, a strong existing network and work ethic, and are ready to truly transform into growth. 

    We currently work with businesses of all types (coaches, experts, artists, teachers, trainers, authors, etc + individuals to start-ups to established corporations), as well as brands, communities, hotels, retail, and more, helping with everything from launching new brands and products to growing existing businesses with proven strategies and services. Basically, anyone who is offering purpose-driven work to help people, other entrepreneurs, and the Planet - we want to support you in the growing movement in mindfulness.

  • First off, please make sure you've read everything about the Business Growth Plans, my Experience, and the Services page

    In my Business Growth services, I've combined knowledge and experience gained over 20 years as a business owner of multiple million-dollar companies and consultant on 100s of businesses, and have surmised it down to a unique and specific process that results in growth. Every business follows the same process: Concept > Create > Launch > Manage > Grow.


    We'll Define your growth-vision, Design the growth-path, then Deliver it, together. The key deliverables in the process are:

    • Evaluation. We not only believe that your personal life and business are connected, we know they are. Therefore we start with a non-typical first step in evaluating and improving the daily practices in your life with our proprietary 150 question Daily Practice Assessment, to make sure you are being the leader you need to be for yourself and company.

    • Daily Practice Tracker. We then evaluate the learnings from the assessment and start illuminating the status of your current reality + the reality you want to be living, in 4 key areas: Internal (mind + emotion), External (physical body), Relational (people you're surrounded by), Environmental (where you're spending your time). By knowing where you're at and where you want to be, we can then create an actionable bridge towards growth. 

      Some businesses or entrepreneurs speed through these steps, and while it's optional, we highly recommend it. Your business needs a healthy foundation in your life or it will ultimately topple. So we instill stability in you as your foundation, which then we can build on top of it, a momentum that can be unstoppable for your business, and also overall life, for years to come. 

    • Guidance. With this foundation set, and the process helping us identify the variables needed to organize, prioritize, and create your Strategic Growth Road Map, you'll then have access to me with weekly 1:1 (and your team as needed) meetings and unlimited text access, to create and implement your strategy throughout our time together.

    • Strategic Growth Road Map. Included in the Strategic Growth Road Map is an overall project management road map, a timeline, purpose & mission refinement, mindset improvement practices, brand, offer, and messaging exercises, a content communication and marketing schedule, competitive analysis, go-to-market, sales, operational strategies, and more. This is a proprietary tool I've developed over the yearrs with dozens of projects to manage the short to long-term growth. You will be able to use and continue implementing this document throughout our time together and beyond.

    • Templates. Across 20+ years experience I've used 100s of templates, tools, and docs to help organize, launch, and grow businesses. Save time by getting the key templates I use for my businesses, on yours, with going guidance to create + implement them to achieve the results you're looking for.  

    • Results. All of our clients report positive results and that's evident from our Testimonials and Projects over the years, most of whom upgrade or extend their plans, and move onward into strategic partnerships and collaborations.

  • Each business requires a different amount of work depending on the status of the business, how established it is, it's resources and team, the scope and scale of your vision, etc.


    Some customers need one month to get their Strategic Growth Road Map organized so they can implement it, while others have a larger vision that needs to unfold across a series of phases, and they stay with us offen  for years to continue receiving growth support. That said, most projects unfold across 2-6 months.

    Contact Me to discuss your project or Apply Now to learn from the application process itself and take the first step.

  • With everything included, from defining your mission and purpose, enhancing your mindset, to strategic branding, marketing, sales, and operations support, a unique Strategic Growth Road Map, 100s of tactics and templates, and 1000s of global contacts, plans start at $800 per month, and you can cancel anytime.

    Here's the breakdown of costs for each category:

    • Monthly: $800/mo.

    • Weekly: $2,200/mo.

    • Growth: $10,000 for 6mos of weekly

    I've launched dozens of our own businesses resulting in multiple multi-million dollar companies, and have helped 100s of individuals, start-ups, small business, and billion-dollar corporations. We know how to help yours.

    If you're interested, Contact me for a FREE consultation to explore your vision and needs and receive my thoughts on your Strategic Growth path. And if needed we'll make special payment arrangements custom to fit your abilities and needs.

  • This is a great question and one we're happy to help you navigate. Please contact me to discuss.

    Some clients are established and ready for long-term growth and we'll always encourage the Growth Plan to align our interests to make that happen. However, some individuals and businesses aren't quite ready for growth and need to get clarity first in their vision and strategy to create - that's what the Monthly and Weekly plans are for. Most clients who start there upgrade for longer time and work together. And in some cases we recommend an entrepreneur or business owner starts with a Personal plan to focus on establishing a strong personal foundation first, to then grow the business on top of with a Business plan.

    Again, if you're not sure where to start please contact me - in a free assessment form + consultation we'll evaluate your situation and I'll give you my recommended strategy unique to your situation, free of charge. Then we can find the fit for your business.

  • You'll have ongoing access to me, and any team members we bring in to help create your project. If that's a web-development team, designers, marketers, etc, I happily open up my network for all types of collaborations.


    So I lead the project management and creative strategy, and recommend a variety contractors, tools, deliverables, and resources based on your project's needs and budget, then we move forward accordingly.

  • Cancel anytime with a 30-day notice, no questions asked.

  • Yes.


    For any referrals you'll make 10%-20% from all initial purchases by your referral. This can be in cash (10%) or applied to services (20%).


    Do you know an individual, entrepreneur or business in need of Personal or Business Growth or Web-Creation services? Introduce us and I'll take it from there - and you, your referral, and I will all benefit. 

  • No. You can pause any plan with notice or any unforeseen events happening, but since we're giving you access to proven resources, proprietary tools, and consulting services from our first sessions, we want to protect our value and time, as well as ensure our clients are ready for growth.

    There are special instances where we'll of course make a consideration, and all requests are handled with utmost integrity and respect of our customers and our services. That said, we ask that you respect our no-refund policy.

  • Contact me.


    I offer 10% off or more to anyone ready to implement real Growth + Web-Creation services, a powerhouse option to take your web+business creation to the next level.


    If you're also looking for Personal Growth, as you've read above we assess your personal life in all Business plans as well - we'll be sure to identify this as we begin.



Results. We know that when you commit to the work and follow our leadership to organize and implement change, the process delivers results. We've proved it over and over.

By clarifying your vision and priorities through our entry forms, assessments, and the Strategic Growth Road Map, and establishing daily practices that support the vision through my proprietary Daily Practice Tracker and co-leadership style, you’ll quickly see yourself changing. And soon, you'll find yourself happier, more clear and inspired, with healthier relationships that support your vision, and environments that match your new frequency.

The reason you'll feel and become different, is because we're changing you (and your business). And that's how it works. You’ll be nourished and supported by my decades of experience and tools, and we'll co-evolve your life and or business, into a new improved version. That's the work, I'm committed to accomplishing with you until we do. But you have to be ready to open up, most importantly with yourself, trust the process, and do the work. It's a simple process.

That’s why there are no hidden fees or complicated contracts - you can cancel or pause and reactivate our services at anytime. We guarantee to deliver you with the results you're looking for. If you're not happy with the results, we'll stick with you until you are. Guaranteed.

If you’re ready, Apply Now >


If you're interested in help with your business, life, or website, please apply now or contact me to find a fit that sparks growth. 

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