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With over 20 years experience, an international network of 1,000s of contacts, a proven process, and dozens of services... together, we can realize your vision.


Supporting creative vision, research and development, variable organization for strategic roadmapping, social listening, mathematics, and organization - to create a path forward.

Business Development

Helping grow projects with strategic partnerships, investment development, sales and marketing services, legal and financial strategies, management and operations abilities.


Web design and development for mobile and web apps, SEO implementation and strategies, content architecture, design, and features strategies and development. 


Tailored deliverables unique to your vision that connect your project with it's target audience:

  • Brand and target audience development, communications design

  • Social media, email, digital marketing, and media

  • Online and offline festivals, retreats, product launches, to small intimate events 

Personal Growth

The same creative process used to help 100s of businesses, combined with 15+ years experience in numerous areas of personal growth to align myself into realizing my own vision - I offer 1:1 guidance to help select, aligned individuals achieve the same. To help you make yourself your own leader, and create + grow your vision and life with peace, happiness, gratitude, and prosperity.

Gain insights from proprietary assessments and comprehensive evaluation techniques, and explore your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical states. Then we design + implement your unique plan, supported by proprietary daily practice and reprogramming tools and my years experience. You'll be left feeling empowered, refreshed, revitalized, and clear - we'll literally create a new, healthier, more aligned version of you.

It's a proven process. As life evolves through us, we can co-evolve it. I know how to help you, you just need to be ready to implement change.

Service Plans

I manage business and life service offerings similarly, as they involve a similar process: Define and Design a plan, then Deliver it, together. I offer 4 plans with payment-plans or pay-in-full options.

If you're truly ready to start but can't afford the pricing, let me know what would work for you and we'll work to find a way. In rare cases I work for equity or rev-share, but I'll let you know if interested. I like to help those ready for positive change.

Please contact me or apply today to get started.