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2021 - 2022 | Strategy, Technology, Marketing

Casa de Olas, the House of Waves, is a boutique hotel on the beach in La Punta, Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico.

  • Mobile app for all guest and property services

  • Group retreats program build out 

  • Event and general marketing infrastructure development


2021 - Present | Strategy, Tech, Marketing

A boutique hotel in the paradise beach town of La Punta, in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico.


  • No website existed previously for the business

  • Created core messaging, media, & layout

  • Optimized SEO, created guest-guides


2021 - Present | Technology, Marketing

The NYX is a co-work, co-create, co-live community space located in northern Ubud, Bali.

  • No website existed previously for the business

  • Organized core messaging, media, & layout

  • Optimized SEO, mobile, auto-web forms


2020 - 2022 | Strategy, Business Dev., Marketing

A technology company providing game-changing software & services for 250+ luxury, multi-family high-rise properties. 


  • Strategic growth leadership

  • Partner merger generating $100k+ in 1 year

  • New product divisions launched in 2022 


2019 | Strategy, Business Dev., Marketing

An e-learning book club platform designed to
optimize learning, connection, and community.


  • Refined growth strategy to core product

  • Connected global renowned strategic celebrity partners that reached millions

  • Generated $120k+ in 6mo engagement term


2018 - 2021 | Strategy, Bus. Development, Tech, Marketing

A real estate development and property management company overseeing over 300 properties nationwide.

  • Launched Wood Partners first 2 properties in Chicago

  • Managed resident engagement initiatives, events, digital marketing

  • Resulted in fastest lease-up in company history


2016 - 2019 | Strategy, Bus. Development, Tech, Marketing

A property management company overseeing operations for over 100 properties internationally.

  • Launched Gollub Company's largest property in Chicago with 700 units, Marquee at Block37

  • Awarded Chicago's top-rated luxury, multi-family, high-rise residential property

  • Highest lease & retention rates in portfolio,

  • Resulted in $400M acquisition


2016 - 2017 | Strategy, Bus. Development, Marketing, Tech

Mar de Jade is a mindfulness resort located where the jungle meets the sea on the coast of Nayarit, Mexico.


  • Consolidated eco-system core messaging into 4 organized projects 

  • Helped draft multiple websites and grant applications

  • Developed creative and marketing strategy


2014 - 2015 | Founder

A philanthropic lifestyle platform connecting causes, businesses, and humans to inspire a more selfless planet.

  • Raised $150k in funding

  • Partner with <100+ premium businesses; Equinox, Lettuce Entertain You Enterprise

  • Generated $100k+ in donations for 26 causes 

  • Sold company to launch VIBEUP

Above the Clouds


I lead select clients through a proprietary process that combines over 20 years experience with an international network of 1,000s of contacts, and action, to realize growth. 


Learn more about our projects, visit the first 9 sites to see our web-work, and read testimonials below.


2015 - Present | Founder

A platform connecting the global movement in mindfulness, featuring global leaders, influencers, and a new way to connect online & offline.

  • Serving 1M+ people since 2015

  • <$3M in festival, sponsorship, & multi-family residential real-estate revenue

  • Launching the global platform in spring 2024


2022 - Present | Co-Founder

Helping individuals and organizations track and improve their impact on the Planet through daily practice.


  • Brand, communications, & core messaging

  • Implementing strategic product development

  • Overseeing sales & marketing initiatives


2022 - Present | Co-Founder

A model that redefines real estate development with regenerative lifestyle at the core.


  • Branding, core messaging, all creative support 

  • Fundraising, pitch development, website, financials

  • Team management, project management, implementation


2021 - 2022 | Strategy, Marketing 

A game-changing electric motor tech- company - changing the way the world moves, together.

  • Core messaging development for investor decks, website & sales marketing materials, & growth planning connecting sales & marketing efforts across multi-year planning efforts.

  • Resulted in 8-digit fundraising and global partnerships


2022 | Strategy, Business Development, Tech, Marketing

Helping purpose-driven businesses and coaches multiply their growth with a personally guided, 90-day program + proprietary system.

  • Designed business model and launch campaign

  • Launched business to over $40k in revenue

  • Generated over $150k for first 4 clients


2022 | Strategy, Business Dev., Tech, Marketing

Elevated Living's new lifestyle brand connecting residents from 250+ high-rise properties with their local community.

  • Produced business and event template

  • Created property launch template

  • Launched in Chicago spring of 2022 resulting in $10k+ monthly revenue


2012 - 2014 | Business Development, Marketing

Tall Ship Red Witch is an 80-foot, 80-ton, mahogany schooner and charter, sailing the Great Lake Michigan.


  • Event strategy reaching 1M Chicagoans

  • Digital marketing and sales strategies that generated over $120k in revenue 1 year


2010-2011 | Founder

A female focused events company connecting women with beauty, fashion, wellness, & hospitality businesses.


  • Raised $30k for launch funding 

  • Generated $30k in revenue in first 3 months

  • The company was acquired by YouSwoop 


2009-2011 | Management

One of the most original singer-songwriters + producers you'll ever meet. 

  • Signed production + record deal

  • Multiple sold out shows at the House of Blues


2009-2010 | Strategic, Business Development

An upscale restaurant and lounge, the first of its kind on the Riverwalk in downtown Chicago.


  • Created a weekly event generating <$20k per night 

  • Launched a brunch concept that tripped revenue 

  • Generated overall brand awareness increasing revenue 7 days per week


1998-2004 | Founder

A nationally touring a cappella group turned pop, rock, soul, r&b boy-band. This was my first dream managed, come true. It taught me anything is possible.


  • National management, agency, and record deal

  • Collaborated with songwriters of Jackson 5, Alicia Keys, NSYNC, Eminem and more

  • 100+ shows each of the last 3 years across 35 states, with 1,000s of albums sold



For 20+ years I've helped 100s - read testimonials below. It would be a honor to help you. 

  • It's a guided, proven, proprietary process

  • Define, Design, and Deliver the results you're looking for, with me - Learn More

  • Connect or Apply Now to start the process


David Ofori-Amoah

Working with Luke is always a pleasure, that's why I continue to over the years. The perspective and creativity shines through every meeting as a trusted resource to add to my client projects, and the communications design and overall strategic big picture thinking is what continues to make him one of my select thought-partners.

Product + Brand Engineer


Nicholas Courchesne

Where do I start... we've honestly become best friends from our first conversation. The depth and insight, positive vibes, and energy is a gift from God. I'm beyond grateful to have a trusted ally who has always been there for me through all my international real-estate, e-commerce and other consulting projects. He adds value to my life every call.

Business Development Specialist


Madelin Petz

Forever grateful for Luke's help. Our work has been focused on my start-up business, and while the strategy, brand, marketing, tech, and overall product development has truly been priceless, it's his positive energy and empathy that meets me where I'm at every month and continues to be something I look forward to.

Community Health Development + Health Coach


Aaron Gadiel

I was in a desperate situation to improve my health for myself and my family. Luke immediately set me up on a path and connected me with trainers and coaches specific for my needs. My life changed forever and I'll now have this work with me to pull from for life. I lost over 60 pounds in 6 months and am living a much happier and healthier life. Forever grateful for Luke and his team.

Business Consultant + Life Coach + Entrepreneur



Luke was quick to get our project done and surprised my whole team with the quality of our website work. I'm glad we were able to find a way to work together as our site continues to serve our communities mission even years after completion.

Founder & Owner


Abigail Simon

He has a way about him. Always bringing up creative ways to organize approaches with clients, how to position my services, and not only that but foresight on best practices and operational practices that added not only immediate, but lasting value to my business.

Professional Ballerina, Coach, Manager


Arnold Poncon

Working with Luke for strategic business consulting has helped me not only clarify my vision and the path forward for our community development project, but see a larger yet simpler strategy. Not to mention the personal support and growth with mindset and spiritual practices. I’m forever grateful and looking forward.

Founder + CEO of 20 Companies


Jennifer Saucedo

As a luxury high-rise residential Property Manager, I wanted to make sure that we stood apart from the rest. We were very fortunate to find this with Luke and his network. Their software and services have formed quite the community, and is a big reason some residents are renewing with us.

Regional Property Manager


2013 - 2014 | Strategy, Business Development, Marketing

25 Degrees was a upscale burger bar located in
Chicago's River North neighborhood.


  • Initiated newsletter, social media, loyalty, and event strategies

  • Doubled social media and email followers 

  • Generated <$50,000 in 6 months


2011 - 2013 | Strategy, Bus. Development, Tech, Marketing

Ms. Simon is an internationally recognized model, professional ballerina, and dance manage.

  • Landed multi-year contract with global renown ballet shoe company, Carpezio

  • Negotiated numerous contracts for national work and international tours resulting in $10,000's in revenue


2011 - 2014 | Founder

YouSwoop was a daily deal website off the coat-tails of Groupon Inc., in Chicago, IL.


  • Led business development for the company  launch resulting in $380k first quarter

  • $5M trailing 12-mo revenue in year 1, 300k email-subscribers, 50 employees

  • Resigned as CEO to launch Selfless, before 7-digit exit

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